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8 Best Laptops, Ultrabooks and Hybrids 2015

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Dell XPS 13 2015

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Dell XPS 13 2015

Originally reviewed by 23 April 2015

Coming Soon – New ultrabook with super-slim screen

Key Features
  • 13-inch screen with 5mm thick bezel
  • New 5th Intel Core i processor
  • 1080p or Quad HD+ screens available
This upcoming 13-inch ultrabook stole the show at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The main reason why is that the bezel, which is the border surrounding the screen, is incredibly thin – it’s just 5.2mm.

This has two main benefits: one, it looks very cool and makes the screen appear larger than it really is; two, it means Dell has squeezed a 13-inch screen into the body of a smaller, 11-inch-style laptop.

The result is a very impressive-looking laptop – and that’s not all. Dell claims that it’ll last up to 15 hours on a full charge, which if true is hugely impressive. We haven’t reviewed this model yet, but it makes a good first impression.

Release Date: Out Now
Price: From £1,099

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