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Best Laptop 2016 – 10 best laptops right now


HP Stream 11

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HP Stream 11

Originally reviewed by Aatif Sulleyman 18 March 2015

Colourful and cheap 11-inch Windows laptop

Key features:
  • 11.6-inch, 1,366 x 768 display
  • Free Office 365 Personal subscription
  • Excellent speakers and battery life
The HP Stream 11 is an extraordinarily cheap Windows 8.1 laptop. It costs less than £200, and comes bundled with a one-year subscription to Office 365 Personal that’s worth £60. In short, it’s perfect for students and families on a tight budget.
It’s good-looking too, and small and light enough to comfortably carry around in any standard messenger bag. The screen is an average 11.6-inch, 1,366 x 768 affair, but it gets the job done and is complemented by an excellent keyboard and loud, clear speakers. The HD webcam is also more than good enough for Skype calls.
A 2.16GHz Intel Celeron N2840 processor, combined with 2GB of RAM, keeps the Stream going, and it’s powerful enough to cope with light tasks, such as web browsing, word processing and HD video. The battery is great too, and can keep going for around six hours under heavy strain.
Price: £179.99 / $199.99

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