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Best iPhone 5S apps to download first

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Looking for the iPhone 5S apps to download first? Whether you want to put the enhanced iSight camera or A7 Chip to good use, we round-up the iOS 7 apps announced for the new iPhone so far.

So you've bought an iPhone 5S, ripped it out of the box and you need to know the apps to get the most out of the new iPhone features. There's the refreshed 8-megapixel camera with larger pixels to shoot panorama photos and slow motion footage among other new snapping modes.

The A7 chip turns the iPhone 5S into the world's first 64-bit phone and the new M7 coprocessor will play nice with fitness apps. Last but by no means least, you also get to enjoy the flatter, much cleaner iOS 7.

The latest operating system update is the most dramatic design overhaul since the first iPhone landed. App developers have been busy bringing its App Store offerings into line with the new iOS 7 features.

If you are planning to buy an iPhone 5S or queued outside an Apple store to grab one on launch day, we've picked the iOS 7-optimized, iPhone 5S apps to download first.

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