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Best iPad games of 2014

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Knightmare Tower

What are the best iPad games to download from the App Store? Whether you own an iPad 4, iPad mini or eyeing up the iPad Air and iPad mini 2, these the top paid for and free games you need to get onto your iOS 7 homescreen.

According to Apple, there are over 1 million apps on the App Store which have been downloaded a staggering 60 billion times. 475,000 of those apps are now optimized for iPad and thankfully a lot of those Apple tablet-friendly apps are games.

Yes, you can include every Angry Birds game and Candy Crush Saga in that list, but there's plenty of other addictive puzzlers, endless runners and console ports to indulge in on the way to work or at any moment you are not using your iPad more productively.

There's been plenty of stand out games make their way onto the iPad this year and have quickly become firm favourites with the TrustedReviews tablet gamers. With the iPad mini 2 Retina and the iPad Air the latest additions to the Apple tablet family, we pick out the best iPad games you need to pile onto your tablet when it launches in November.

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