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Best iPad Games 2015

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Halo Spartan Strike

Looking for the best iPad games to download from the App Store? Whether you've recently picked up an iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3, here's a run down of the best games you can download for your flash new tablet.

It's another big update to our best iPad games list. We're now down to the 10 best we've seen this year. That meant three had to go - sorry folks. But, we've gained two new iPad games that are more than worthy of your attention.

Lost Within is a brand new horror game from Amazon Game Studios that will fill you with fear in an abandoned asylum. It's not about the boo-scares though, it's about the chilling atmosphere and the storyline.

Then you've got Always Sometimes Monsters. Originally a PC title, it has been carefully ported to iPad, while retaining the complex choice system that makes the game such genius.

For a quick jump to the best iPad games of 2015, use the links below:

Halo: Spartan Strike by 343 Industries

The best twin-stick shooter you'll come across on mobile platforms

FTL: Faster than Light for iPad by Subset Games

An addictive top-down, real-time strategy video game

Space Age: A Cosmic Adventure by Big Bucket

An instant App Store classic with a cosmic soundtrack

Particle Mace by Andy Wallace

Wonderfully hectic to its very core

Shadowmatic by Triada Studios

A slick puzzler with a haunting soundtrack

Monument Valley by ustwo

Absolute puzzling perfection for your iPad

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft by Blizzard

Blizzard's brilliant card battler

The Trace by Relentless Games

A captivating take on the world of the lone detective

Always Sometimes Monsters by Vagabond Dogs

Make every choice you make count

Lost Within by Amazon Game Studios

An expansive mobile game that wouldn't feel out of place on console

Especially for gamers. Though iPad taps into the same App Store that's been powering the iPhone since 2008, Apple's iPad has always been a favourite with developers thanks to its larger screen; the more room a touchscreen device has to accommodate your fingers and thumbs without obscuring the action, the better.

As such, the last few years have seen iPad play host to only premium versions of iPhone games, but also an increasing selection of iPad-only games. That may be welcome news for gamers both rich in time and money, but for the more discerning consumer, navigating through the App Store to find iPad's prime picks is becoming harder and harder.

It would be handy, then, if a site like TrustedReviews would take the time to put together a list of the games that demonstrate tablet gaming at its finest, wouldn't it? We thought so too, which is why we invite you to click through the next ten pages, pick your favourites and head on over to the App Store to start downloading.

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