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Best Headphones 2014

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Audio Technica SonicFuel ATH-OX7AMP

Originally reviewed by 01 April 2014

Best BeatsByDre Alternatives

Nudging out the Onkyo ES-HF300, the Audio Technica ATH-OX7AMP are on-ear headphones that offer good comfort and one very special trick. A single AAA battery powers the inbuilt amplifier and aims to improve sound quality. While they are undeniably bassy, unlike some headphones in this price range it doesn’t impact on the impressive mids or treble performance. The amp comes into play to deliver the impressive bass response to match the great treble detail. It might lack the high grade construction of other £200 headphones, but for sound quality they are great alternatives to the Beats by Dr Dre Solo HD.

Price: £199.99

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