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Best Headphones 2015: 13 best headphones you can buy

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Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless

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Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless

Originally reviewed by Michael Sawh 09 November 2014

Best Sports Headphones

Key features:
  • In-ear heart rate monitoring
  • Sport button with voice prompts
  • Great Android and iOS companion app
The Jabra Sport Pulse is wireless, so there's no annoying cable to tuck under your gym shirt or running jacket, and the earbuds sit snug and comfortable inside the ears. Heart rate monitoring is the Pulse's special trick, hosting the technology to track the biometric data without a chest strap or dedicated sports watch. It's accurate too and all of the data is available to view in the excellent Pulse Sport app. Sound quality is fantastic as well, delivering rich, bassy audio with plenty of detail and clarity.

Price: £199

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