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Best Headphones 2017: 16 great headphones for any budget

Andrew Williams


SR80e 3

6 / 16

Reviewed by Andrew Williams

05 January 2017

Grado SR80e

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Key Features
  • Retro design
  • Open-back (so no good for portable use)
  • Superb sound for the price
Grado isn't just another headphone company. Pairs like the Grado SR80e are truly unusual, because while they have portable dimensions, their open-back style values sound quality over everything else.

They leak music to the outside world and block out minimal noise. We still love them, though. Their sound is hard to beat at the price.

Dynamic, fast and exciting, they get you a taste of hifi without a scary price or draining all the fun out of music in favour of pure accuracy. The SR80e are not the most soft, relaxing listen out there, but if you really want to engage with your music they're worth checking out.

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At time of review the AKG N90Q was available for £90.

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