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Best Headphones 2015

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Audio Technica

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Audio Technica CKX9is Sonic Fuel

Originally reviewed by 02 December 2013

Best In-Ear Headphones Under £100

Key features:
  • 13.5mm driver
  • Flat cable
  • Remote housing
Don’t be fooled by the rubbery, sports earphone look, the Audio Technica CK9is Sonic Fuel offer some of the best sound you can get for £70. The earhook design ensures a secure fit with four pairs of rubber tips in the box to make sure they sit nice and snug. Large 13.5 dynamic drivers deliver the well balanced, clear sound where the low-end is superbly integrated and the bass is not a limelight-stealing influence. For less than £70 the Sonic Fuel earphones offer truly excellent sound and a practical design to make sure they go the distance.

Price: £68.77

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