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Best Headphones 2015: 13 best headphones you can buy

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Skullcandy Grind

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Skullcandy Grind

Originally reviewed by Michael Sawh 29 April 2015

Best Headphones Under £40

Key Features
  • Built-in mic and playback button
  • On-ear design and multiple colours
  • Removable cable

The Skullcandy Grind are a surprise. That's because they're so good considering how cheap they are, but also because Skullcandy doesn't have a great track record. Available in white, black and blue, these stylish headphones show you don't have to pay loads to get decent sound.

They don't lack for features, either. A mic and playback control is included, though you can't control the volume. You even get a removable cable in the box. These headphones produce a pleasantly balanced sound and they're very comfy, so you can wear them for long periods, though do leak more sound than pricier headphones.

Price: £40.

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