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Best Headphones 2015: 14 best headphones you can buy

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Sony MDR-HW700

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Sony MDR-HW700

Originally reviewed by John Archer 19 March 2014

Best Surround Sound Headphones

Key features:
  • 9.1 synthesised surround sound
  • Breakout connector box
  • Wireless sound transmission
It’s easy to think of surround sound headphones as a bit of a gimmick – because many aren’t very good. But we’re pretty confident in saying the Sony MDR-HW700 are the best surround headphones to date.

What they do is to process real surround sound from your Blu-ray player or game console, and use clever DSP to turn it into a signal that can deliver a 9.1 surround effect through the Sony MDR-HW700’s stereo headset. We were skeptical, but it is fantastic. The sound stage it creates is immense, plus the headset is wireless making it perfect for use at home – no wires to tidy up. For movies and games, these headphones are hard to beat.

Price: £399

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