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Best headphones for running 2014 - Which sports headphones to buy?

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Beats by Dre Powerbeats

Originally reviewed by 04 March 2014

We Love: Typically bright and colourful look, easy to access inline control

We Hate: Uncomfortably bassy, earbuds move about, expensive

In another case of style over substance, the Beats by Dre Powerbeats are let down by the fit and overall sound. The ear hook-style Powerbeats are made of plastic with rubber ear hooks. In true Beats style, these are unashamedly bright and colourful. They are straightforward to wear and slip around the ears with ease. Putting them to the test, the Powerbeats initially stay in place but when things get really sweaty the earhooks move around and the earbuds slip from the ears.

On the sound front, Beats headphones have always undeniably been about bass and it comfortably overpowers everything else. It can actually feel uncomfortable at loud volumes. The ambient noise feature means some surrounding noise can be allowed in making it suitable for running in busy areas. The Powerbeats simply don’t justify the £100+ price and there are cheaper headphone alternatives to opt for instead.

: £119.95

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