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Best headphones for running 2016

Michael Sawh


Pioneer SE E721

1 / 7

Reviewed by Michael Sawh

21 September 2016

Pioneer SE-E721

Key features:

  • Comfortable, clamp-like secure fit
  • Robust design
  • Great value for money
Part of its extreme sports headphones range, the Pioneer SE-E721 are more than equipped to take out running and are affordable at £40. Available in four colours and with four sized ear tips, the E721 look heavy-duty but are surprisingly light to wear. Pioneer uses an ‘Active Fit’ where the earbud nozzle can adjust inside the ear to ensure a secure fit. The ‘skull fit’ design means they also clamp around the ear but not in an uncomfortable way. They just won’t budge when you are out running with them.

The dual coiled cord adds to its tough, robust build and can be tied around the back of the neck for added security. 9mm speaker units help deliver a sound that is undeniably bassy, but there's decent enough detail to keep the fussiest of audiophiles happy. If you don’t want to break the bank and you love to listen to high tempo music when you are in the gym or outdoors, these are the best value running headphones to try out.

Buy Now at Amazon.co.uk from £29 | Amazon.com from $49

At time of review the Pioneer SE-E721 was available for £40.

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