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Best Hand Blenders

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Dualit DHB1 Hand Blender

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Dualit DHB1 Hand Blender

Originally reviewed by 04 October 2013

Price: £80  

At A Glance
The Dualit Hand Blender has a 500W motor, variable speed settings and a turbo button for that added boost of speed. The Dualit DHB1 comes with a range of accessories that tackle a variety of kitchen tasks. You get a dual beater, a whisk, mini-pot processor as well as the usual stem blender with the gift set, all with a chrome finish.

We Like
The array of accessories makes the Dualit Hand Blender a great addition for those who like to bake. Not only does it allow you to chop and puree, but you can also beat and whisk to your heart’s content to create cakes or meringues.

With a chrome finish, the design of the Dualit is very appealing, although it does leave fingerprint marks fairly easily. Dualit has included a soft touch grip at the top, where the power and turbo buttons are located, which makes it easy and comfortable to use.

It features an easy lock in system for all the attachments, which feels secure and safe when using the Dualit Hand Blender.

We Don’t Like
The variable speed settings are pretty redundant on the Dualit hand blender. The 500W motor is perhaps is a little too slow, so you can only really use the fastest setting unless you want your blending process to be painfully slow. The turbo button is a necessity too for harder to puree ingredients, but we only found it was an issue with the mini processor.

The speed is perfectly adequate when using the other attachments, especially the actual stem blender if you’re making a soup that you can take a little more time perfecting.

Should I Buy It?
If you’re a keen baker and aren’t constantly in a rush to finish your preparation process, the Dualit Hand Blender offers a superb array of attachments for a fairly modest budget.

Best for: The Baker

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