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Best Games of 2016

Ardjuna Seghers


5 / 10

Reviewed by Brett Phipps

20 October 2016

Battlefield 1

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Eyebrows were raised when DICE announced it was returning to The Great War for its next entry in the Battlefield franchise, but the apprehension was short-lived, as Battlefield 1 is the best first-person shooter this generation has seen.

Providing incredibly epic multiplayer set-pieces, the best single player campaign since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and graphics (particularly on PC) that are simply breathtaking, this is an experience that simply has to be played. Plus with a steady stream of expansion packs over this year, there's even more of it to enjoy.

With DICE now turning its attention to the highly-anticipated Star Wars Battlefront 2, there's hardly time to breath before another amazing shooter enters the fray!

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