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Best DSLR Cameras 2014

Michael Sawh by

Looking for the best DSLR to buy? Trying to decide between a Canon and a Nikon digital SLR camera? If you are ready to upgrade from a compact camera or the smartphone simply doesn’t cut it, then you have come to the right place.

The choice pic-grabber for professional photographers, the digital SLR (or single-lens reflex camera) has many benefits over a compact.

The manual settings mean you have full control over features like white balance, ISO settings and shutter speed to take that perfect picture. The larger sensors found on DSLRs will let you capture images with greater levels of detail. If you want to take the SLR snapping to the next level you can add interchangeable lenses, filters and flashguns to get more creative.

A host of high quality lenses from fisheye to telephoto will also help you master diferent types of photography. Ultimately, you can expect photos to be crisper, suffer less noise and benefit from faster focusing.

DSLRs also incorporate features from its compact compatriots. Most now include LCD displays to quickly review photos or choose settings straight from the screen. It’s not all about stills either as DSLRs support video recording from 720p up to Full HD 1080p.

Whether you are after a professional-grade camera or the best DSLR for beginners, we’ve rifled through our camera reviews to find you the best DSLRs to buy now.

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