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Best Cheap Mobile Phones 2014: Top budget smartphones

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Moto G 2 (2014)

Originally reviewed by 15 September 2014

Best Cheap 5-inch Phone

Key features:
  • 5-inch 720pHD display
  • 8-megapixel camera
  • Dual front-facing speakers
The first Moto G is still one of the best cheap phones you can get your hands on but if you want more of the same with a bigger screen and a vastly improved camera then you it's worth checking out the new Moto G.

It has many of the same features as the first G like a Snapdragon 400 processor, Android 4.4 KitKat and a micro SD card slot. Where things have changed is the new 5-inch screen with the same 720pHD resolution albeit it is still a sharp place to watch video.

Additionally, Motorola has bumped the camera quality moving to an 8-megapixel sensor, and it shoots significantly better quality photos. It’s not all great though. The new front-facing speakers are average and there’s no 4G LTE support.

On the whole, the new Moto G is a triumph and still offers excellent value for money.

Price: £144.99

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