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Best Blu-ray Players 2015

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LG BP645
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LG BP645

Originally reviewed by Danny Phillips 20 June 2014

Best Blu-ray Player under £100

Key features:
  • Hassle-free menus
  • Smooth DLNA performance
  • Built-in Spotify and Now TV apps
If you are on a budget, the LG BP645 is a feature-laden Blu-ray deck which includes Smart TV content support, DLNA file streaming and screen mirroring. It’s also one of the first Blu-ray players to include Spotify and Sky’s Now TV apps to accompany LG’s ‘Premium’ app selection which include iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. The interface is easy to navigate via the terrific remote and DLNA performance is the best we’ve seen on a budget deck. For under £100, this Blu-ray player ticks all the most important boxes.

Price: £99.99

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