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Best Apple Watch Apps to Download First


The Apple Watch is on its way. Pre-orders are open and orders are now starting to arrive. Here are the Apple Watch apps you'll be able to download and play with first.

Whether you're a perennial early adopter, love the design and materials, or just really want to get up close and personal with that Mickey Mouse clock, you'll no doubt be very excited right now.

However, it doesn't come cheap – you'll have to wave goodbye to between £299 and £13,500 if you want one.

The top-end model is the gold Apple Watch Edition, which sits above the stainless steel Apple Watch and aluminium Apple Watch Sport in the pecking order. There are also a load of different straps to choose from, which you can read about via the link below.

However, any device is only as good as the apps it runs.

Fortunately, there's already 3,000 Apple Watch apps with plenty more on the way. That means the ecosystem should have a significantly larger pool of apps to pick from than rival platform Android Wear did on day one.

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We’ve rounded up some of the apps you’ll definitely be able to use on the Apple Watch and we'll keep updating this list when we gather more information and try them out for ourselves. Click the 'Next' arrow above to browse the round-up.

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