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Best Android Games 2016

Sam Loveridge by

Does Not Commute

6 of 10

Does Not Commute

Originally reviewed by Keith Andrew 25 April 2015

Developer: Mediocre AB
Price: Free

Now a mobile game about a community’s various commutes to work and back might not sound like your idea of fun, but that’s because you haven’t played Does Not Commute yet.
This game’s cast of commuters has sparks of comedy that will give you chuckle breaks between the manic gameplay.
It’s a bit like a destruction derby, where you must guide 15 commuters from their point A to point B one by one, all the while making sure that none of them crash into one another along the way.
Not only that, but you’re up against the clock too.
It’s a tight bag of nerves, but Does Not Commute will definitely liven up your own commute.
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