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Best Android Apps: 46 best apps for Android



8 / 45

Reviewed by Joe Roberts

24 June 2016

UC Browser

What is it?

With Over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone, UC Browser is a solid alternative to Chrome, Safari or Opera, offering a fast and feature-packed web browsing experience.


What’s Good?

There are loads of competing browsers, from Chrome and Safari to Firefox and Edge, but UC Browser stands out for using less mobile data and offering loads of features including themes and add-ons.

Another reason you might want to switch to UC Browser is for its speed – especially if your phone or tablet isn’t the most powerful or has limited storage space. The browser has been designed with mobile in mind, so it runs well even on older hardware. In fact, there’s a separate UC Browser Mini app specifically designed for low-powered or older devices.

That’s not all though. The browser offers a number of useful modes including Incognito and Night Mode. There’s also a handy AdBlock feature which most other mobile browsers lack.

If you use a range of devices, the good news is UC Browser is available on virtually all platforms. Whether you’re browsing on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, or on your desktop PC, you can take advantage of the cloud sync feature to share bookmarks and settings between devices.

What’s Not So Good?

As fast as UC Browser claims to be, in my experience it doesn’t feel quite as snappy as the chrome browser that I usually use on my Android phone.

It also suffers a bit from over-crowding. There are so many options, menus and features that you can quickly start to feel lost and a bit frustrated.


It takes a lot to convince people to change their browser, but while UC Browser may not be perfect, or in my opinion even the fastest, it’s packed with features and is ideal if you don’t have the latest or most powerful devices.

7/10 | Price: Free | In-app purchases? No | Download: UC Browser

Reviewed by Tom Honeyands

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