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Sunrise Calendar

Originally reviewed by Joe Roberts 27 November 2015

What is Sunrise Calendar?
Sunrise Calendar is essentially as straightforward an app as you could hope to download. Like all calendars, it acts as a central hub for you to check out your daily schedule, upcoming events and birthdays. What makes it special, however, is just how well it works with the apps you use every single day.

What’s good?
First of all, it’s pretty and easy to navigate. The interface is relatively clean, considering how much data is on show at any one time. As well as the calendar essentials listed above, it also displays weather information for the morning, afternoon and evening. Simple but useful. 

If that’s not enough, you can add loads more information to your calendar, including public holidays, sports fixtures, moon phases and TV channel guides. You also have complete control over which types of event – such as birthdays or work meetings – you receive notifications for.

Sunrise Calendar’s most impressive feature is its near seamless integration with the likes of Google Calendar, Facebook, Evernote and Foursquare. With Facebook, it shows you full descriptions of events, even allowing you to RSVP without leaving the app. Not sure how to get to your friend’s barbecue on the other side of the city? Simply tap for directions, which immediately launch in the mapping app of your choice.

What’s bad?
The most obvious shortcoming is the fact that it doesn’t offer a monthly calendar view. It displays a maximum of 14 days at once, which we assume is because Microsoft wants to keep clutter to a minimum. More baffling is the lack of support for Outlook Calendar, although support for Microsoft's services is expanxing at the moment.

Another thing we’d like to see is the option to manually assign different colours to different event types. Right now, you have to stick with the default blue, green and yellow, which requires a bit of learning.
A brilliant calendar app that ties together information from both your professional and social life. Definitely worth downloading.
Price: Free | In-app purchases? No | Download Sunrise Calendar

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