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Best Android Apps: 15 best apps for Android

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realplayer cloud

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RealPlayer Cloud

Originally reviewed by Aatif Sulleyman 30 July 2015

What is RealPlayer Cloud?
How do you quickly transfer the video footage on your Android smartphone or tablet to other people or devices? It’s likely that many of you privately upload it to YouTube or Facebook, then share the URL or tag any relevant people in it. RealPlayer Cloud takes away all of that fuss.

What’s good?
First and foremost, it solves an extremely common problem. Once you’ve uploaded a video through RealPlayer Cloud, it immediately becomes available to watch on all of your other devices. This is regardless of format, because the app automatically modifies clips so they play nicely with any internet-connected mobile, tablet or TV. This is particularly useful if you own a wireless streaming stick like Chromecast.
You can also share any of your uploaded videos through a variety of platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. Alternately, you can simply get a unique link to distribute amongst your contacts, who don’t need to be RealPlayer Cloud users in order to watch your videos. If you’re running low on storage and don’t want to delete any of your footage, RealPlayer Cloud is your best bet.

What’s bad?

The app isn’t the most intuitive we’ve come across. For instance, uploading videos, which is clearly such a central action, isn’t as straightforward as it should be. Instead of having this option on the home screen, you instead have to head into the main menu, select ‘My Videos’, hit the ‘All Videos’ tab at the top and pick the clips you want to move into the cloud. It’s hardly complicated work, but it should be far less long-winded. 

If you shoot a lot of smartphone footage that you’d like to share with friends and family, you should definitely download RealPlayer Cloud. Best of all, it’s free.
Price: Free | In-app purchases? Yes | Download RealPlayer Cloud

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