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Best Android Apps: 21 best apps for Android

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HTC One M9

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Originally reviewed by Aatif Sulleyman 09 April 2015

What is MailWise?
MailWise is a free app that lets you manage multiple email accounts from a single base. In principle, it could hardly be simpler. If you struggle to juggle the messages from your various inboxes, MailWise is here to help.

What’s good?
It’s really convenient and does what it says on the tin. You can add a wide range of addresses from different email providers, including Gmail, Outlook, AOL and Yahoo, and the process is straightforward and quick. You can also add different email signatures for different accounts.

The UI is clean and slick too, feeling similar in use to the Gmail app. Different emails from the same conversation threads are automatically grouped together for less clutter, and swipes work as they should. For example, dragging your finger down from the top of the screen prompts a refresh, while swiping individual messages brings up options like archive, star and delete.

What’s bad?
Our biggest gripe is that MailWise doesn’t always check for new mail constantly, but at regular intervals. The option is there for Hotmail, but for Gmail the best you get is a scan that happens every minute. This doesn’t sound like much of a delay, but it could be a problem in those situations when every second matters.
It’s also not immediately obvious to identify which address some emails are actually from. You can set different colour schemes for different email addresses, but these only appear as small tags on right edge of the screen, which are easy to hide with your thumb as you scroll.

MailWise is simple to use and cuts out the faff involved with keeping on top of your various inboxes. It’s worth using alongside the stock Android Email app for a while, which performs many of the same tasks but isn’t quite as slick.

Price: Free
In-app purchases? No
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