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Reviewed by Joe Roberts

24 June 2016


What is Unclouded?

Cloud storage services are great but it seems everyone’s got a favourite for storing and sending online files. That means, if you’re anything like me, you’ve had to sign up for everything from Dropbox to OneDrive at some point. Which leaves you with several accounts in desperate need of consolidation. Enter, Unclouded.

Put simply, the app allows you view and manage the files in all your cloud storage services. And that pretty much covers it. Simple – just how a good app should be.

What’s good?

Unclouded has all you would expect from an app offering to make life slightly easier, with its clean, Material Design-based interface and easy usability. In fact, it’s probably the best-looking cloud management app I’ve seen.

One nice little design feature is the file path visualisation which appears at the top of the screen whenever you are navigating between folders. There’s something satisfying about the way a new folder name will slide into view once you tap to open it, and of course, seeing exactly where you are in terms of files makes the whole thing much easier to use.

Unclouded SS

But there’s slightly more to it than great design. Unclouded allows you to easily identify which files or folders are taking up the most storage. As soon as you add an account from Google Drive or OneDrive etc. you’ll be given a breakdown of the files and folders within each service, which when clicked on, show you a list of the individual files with the largest at the top. Add a Google account, and you can see how much space your Drive, Email, and Photos files are taking up.

You can then ask Unclouded to find duplicate files, which it does incredibly quickly, and peruse the resulting list, deciding which files to delete and which to keep. It’s all very simple and intuitive, plus you can use the app offline which is a nice bonus.

What’s bad?

If you want to add more than two accounts, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the premium packages. You can choose to add individual features, all of which cost 99p and include the ability to add password protection to Unclouded, add a dark theme, or add unlimited accounts. If you want them all you can pay £2.49, or if you want them all plus any future updates, it’s £3.49. It makes sense to offer individual upgrades, but at the same time it all seems a bit confusing at first. Surely they could have thrown the Dark Theme in with the free version?


Having all your cloud accounts in one place is very useful, especially when you can navigate between them as easily as this. Unclouded is the best-looking cloud account manager available and comes with a load of features that make it worth downloading. It’ll cost you to add more than two cloud services, but once you’ve used Unclouded, you’ll probably be tempted to do just that.

Score: 9/10 | Price: Free (99p-£3.49 for premium versions) | In-app purchases? No | Download Unclouded

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