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Apple Music on Android

Originally reviewed by Joe Roberts 27 November 2015

What is Apple Music on Android

Long-time Android users probably won't have used Apple’s music streaming service unless they’ve signed up through iTunes. The newly released Android version of Apple Music essentially brings the service to Android users in pretty much the same form it takes on iOS, bar a few subtle differences. You can stream music from the company’s catalogue, listen to the Beats 1 radio stations, get suggestions on music that you might like, and see updates from your favourite artists.

The app is still in beta form at the moment, so there are bound to be a few bugs. Beta troubles aside, does it do enough to convert Android users to Apple’s side of the streaming market?

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What’s good?

Overall Apple Music on Android looks the same as its iOS counterpart. The menu you use to navigate pops out from the side and includes everything the iOS version does, from the ‘For You’ section which gives you suggestions, to the ‘Connect’ section which gives you updates from artists.

The app is great for many reasons, not least for the ability to upload your iTunes library, if you have one, to the cloud for access on any device. You can download tracks from the Apple catalogue for later listening, which is great for those with a data allowance, as you can download tracks at home and listen to them when you’re out and about.

Suggestions, which are based on your preferences, work well, and you'll discover some great artists which you might otherwise not have encountered by browsing the playlists in the ‘For You’ section.

What’s bad?

As previously mentioned, the app is still in beta mode, so bugs are to be expected. Apple Music suddenly stopped working on several occasions, closing itself down only to reopen with the redundant ‘Something went wrong’ page showing. Playlists also suddenly emptied of songs, and menus were sometimes unresponsive.

There are also some interface issues that, if fixed, would make the app much more appealing. A better lock screen widget with bigger buttons and the addition of a rewind icon wouldn’t go amiss, and simple things like a little speaker icon next to the track that’s playing when viewing playlists would add more to the experience.

Those who have already signed up to Spotify will also find little here to tempt them away. Both Apple Music and Spotify claim to have upwards of 30 million artists in their catalogues and the only real reason to switch would be if you have a large iTunes library you want to upload for use anywhere, or if you're interested in the radio aspect. Beats 1’s range of radio personalities, from Zane Lowe to Dr Dre, offers more than Spotify can at this point.

Voice control, a big part of the iOS version, is also nowhere to be seen on the Android version of the app.


A decent transfer of the original app with some fantastic features which, if Apple can get them working without bugs in the final release, make Apple Music a viable streaming option for Android users.
7/10 | Price: Free (For 3 months) | In-app purchases? No | Download Apple Music

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