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5 Best American-style Fridge Freezers

Andy Vandervell


American-style fridge freezers have taken a while to catch on in the UK, but they're great if you have a spacious kitchen and a large family. We've selected five of the best UK American fridge freezers you can buy to help you decide on the one for you.

American-style fridge freezers generally refer to just any double-width fridge freezer, normally with the two sections side-by-side, rather than one atop the other as is most common in the UK. You do get some variations, but that's the basic format.

They're sometimes referred to as double fridge freezers and often also include an ice machine and a water cooler. These machines will either use an internal water tank that you'll need to refill every now and again or a mains water supply, which means you'll need to plumb the unit in.

Our round-up of of the best American-style fridge freezers includes Samsung American fridge freezers, an LG American fridge freezer and several others from competing brands.

Click the links below to see the options, or read on see how we test American fridge freezers.

Best for Fridge Capacity | Servis FD91185SS

Best Cheap American-style Fridge Freezer | Beko ASD241

Best LG American-style Fridge Freezer | LG GSL545NSYV

Best for Parties & Entertaining | Samsung RF24

Best American-style Fridge Freezer | Samsung FoodShowcase

This Week's Best American-style Fridge Freezer Deals

Servis FD91185SS at Tesco.com | Was £1,299.99 | Now £1,179

Samsung RSA1RTPN at Currys.co.uk | Was £799.99 | Now £499

Kenwood KFF2DS14 at Currys.co.uk | Was £679.99 | Now £399

Samsung RS7567BHCSP at Tesco.com | Was £899.99 | Now £729

How We Test Fridge Freezers

All our fridge freezer reviews go through the same rigorous testing to ensure that not only do they look the part and have easy to use features, but that they perform properly too.

After a 48-hour bedding in procedure that involves plumbing in any water cooling/ice making features and letting temperatures settle, the fridge freezers are loaded up with a set amount of food and water in both the fridge and freezer compartments. Temperatures are then tracked in multiple sections of each compartment for the next 48 hours, with the doors being opened at regular intervals to simulate typical usage.

We then simulate a power cut by turning the device off for three hours and tracking how temperatures rise, which indicates whether the unit is well insulated. Along the way we also track total power usage as well as peak current and the power used by any special features. Plus we test for noise levels.

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For these tests we load each unit with 0.5kg of food for every 10 litres of claimed space in the fridge compartment, 1kg of food for every 10 litres of space in the freezer and we add a 2-litre open container of water to the freezer, in which is embedded one of the temperature probes.

Prem Desai

November 18, 2014, 8:53 am

Good roundup. Thanks TR.


April 14, 2015, 1:37 pm

How come Servis is best for fridge capacity when Beko has 2lt more?

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