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Best 4K TVs 2015: Top Ultra HD TVs to look out for


Panasonic 55AX902

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Panasonic TX-55AX902

Originally reviewed by John Archer 27 November 2014

Best 55-inch flat screen 4K TV

Key features:
  • 55-inch LCD TV
  • Passive 3D playback
  • Local Dimming Ultra
The Panasonic TX-55AX902 is surprisingly affordable and impressively built, with its trim black frame and solid, hidden base. It features a 55-inch LCD display, which you can watch Netflix’s 4K content on.   

Contrast ratio is astonishingly good, with deep blacks and strong shadow detail. Colours are accurate too, there’s no annoying motion blur, and HD content scales up nicely. SD content unfortunately doesn’t look quite as good, and 3D footage is on the soft side. Input lag is also a touch too slow to make the Panasonic a good TV for gamers.

Sound performance, meanwhile, is excellent. The speakers are powerful, bass is deep yet controlled, and treble detailing is plentiful.

Price: £1,499

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