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Best 4K TV: 18 of the best UHD TVs you can buy in 2017


Samsung UE49 KS7000 9

1 / 18

Reviewed by Ced Yuen

20 September 2016

Samsung UE49KS7000

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Key features

  • 49-inch edge-lit LCD
  • 4K and HDR
  • Screw-free assembly
If you want to level up your TV, you need 4K and HDR. There are some eye-wateringly expensive ones out there, but the Samsung UE49KS7000 isn't one of them.

This is Samsung's entry-level 4K/HDR TV, and it's got what it takes to earn the industry's UHD Premium badge. It's a stunning TV whether you watch 4K or upscaled HD, and its HDR performance is good enough to justify an upgrade over standard dynamic range.

It's only slightly let down by subtle light bleeding, but that's a minor issue. If you're looking to make your first step into the world of 4K and HDR, the KS7000 is the one to get.

Buy now at John Lewis.com from £1,099

At time of review the Samsung UE49KS7000 was available for £1,099

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