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Best 4K TV 2016: 12 Best UHD TVs in 2016

Andy Vandervell


Hisense LTDN50K321UWT

1 / 12

Reviewed by John Archer

10 November 2015

Hisense LTDN50K321UWT

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Key Features:

  • 50-inch flat 4K TV
  • 4K Netflix and Amazon on-demand
  • Direct LED lighting

There are quite a few 'budget' 4K TVs knocking around, but the Hisense LTDN50K321UWT is the only one we'd recommend you buy. Its speakers are so-so and the viewing angle is quite narrow, but the picture quality is excellent for the money.

It's even quite a good looking TV considering how cheap it is and it doesn't skimp on the number of HDMI ports (four). Access to 4K Netflix and Amazon services seals the deal, ensuring you can start watching 4K video from day one.

Price: £490

Buy Now at Amazon.co.uk from £289.99 (40 inch model)

At time of review the Hisense LTDN50K321UWT was available for £500.

Our Score:


Prem Desai

December 18, 2015, 7:13 pm

Really want to get the Sony. However, I'm not sure if it's worth holding on for Dolby Vision (HDR?).

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