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Best 4K TVs 2015: Top Ultra HD TVs to look out for


Samsung UE48JU7500

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Samsung UE48JU7500

Originally reviewed by John Archer 12 May 2015

Best 48-inch curved screen 4K TV

Key features:
  • 48-inch LCD TV with direct LED lighting
  • Curved screen
  • Tizen-powered Smart TV system
One of the smaller curved TVs on the market, the Samsung UE48JU7500 is a great-looking model. A slim grey frame runs around the screen it sits on a forward-jutting silver bar.

Black levels are strong, with just a hint of backlight clouding, while whites are pure and colours are natural. 3D playback is good too, though there is a little motion blur. Low input lag means it’s responsive enough to be used for gaming purposes too.

The down-firing speakers are pleasantly loud, with detailed mid-range, though there isn’t much in terms of bass.

Price: £1,349

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