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Andy Vandervell



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Not only is the VW2420H very slim and presentable, it performs extremely well and far better than its price alone would suggest. For the style and quality conscious, it's a winner.

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October 7, 2010, 3:27 pm

I just order this LED monitor yesterday, i new this monitor has a great image quality :D


October 7, 2010, 3:34 pm

How come TV manufacturers don't make a big deal of their panel technology? I wouldn't know whether an LCD TV was TN, VA or IPS - can anyone clarify?


October 7, 2010, 5:03 pm

@John McLean

I've seen Panasonic put it on adverts for their more expensive models, but that's all.

The vast majority use TN, but even then, there are some amazing TN panels and some pants TN panels.


October 7, 2010, 5:25 pm

I'm very happy with my IPS display, but the sooner TN technology dies, the better. It's about time a reasonable alternative appeared on the budget sector. Less than 200 EUR for a decent 24in display is very fair, even if it's 16:9 and thus a tad smaller still. I guess affordable 27" 16:9 2560 x 1440 MVA displays are just around the corner.


October 7, 2010, 6:22 pm

Can't seem to find any information on the EW240, perhaps its as yet too new? What's the stand adjustability like on it?


October 7, 2010, 10:42 pm

At first read I thought I may buy this monitor but having thought about it a bit more I have decided against it. Will I ever replace my SyncMaster 206BW? I'm sure it's a piece of crap compared to this but a monitor should last you at good 5 years so I should be picky. Especially as I plan on buying 3 of the buggers when I settle on one. If only the Asus VG236H had an IPS panel *sigh*


October 7, 2010, 11:27 pm

These 1920 by 1080 monitors are fine for HD viewing, that is what they are for after all. They are almost useless as computer monitors, far to much vertical scrolling involved. The old 1600 by 1200 (4:3) in 21" were the best combination, I use an old Dell LCD and its brilliant with most work. I also use a 1920 by 1200 24" Dell as well, and I would rather it was 1920 by 1440 or (4:3) but I dont know if anyone makes one. I know I can rotate the screen but a 1200 by 1920 doesn't work very well either for some things so you are constantly rotating it, a real pain. Please bring back 4:3 in high resolutions 2560 by 1920 in 27" for instance.



October 8, 2010, 2:24 am

@burntoutmouse - I think Andy meant the BenQ EW2420, which does exist, and is slightly cheaper then this model. I've just bought a Samsung TN based monitor for slightly more then this BenQ, so am slightly disappointed I didn't see this review before buying.


October 8, 2010, 3:52 am

@TrustedPhrontis: The normal human eye has a vision arc of at least roughly 120 degrees horizontally by 60 degrees vertically. As modern monitors get ever larger, it's inevitable that they should also get wider as they start to fill the peripheral vision, or else the user would be forced to move their head up and down to view the extremities of the display. That could be quite uncomfortable over an extended period of time.

My 24" 16:10 screen has 1200 vertical pixels, which is as many as my old 22" CRT used to display. I'd rather have the extra 60% of horizontal pixels than not, so I'll take the 24" thanks.

I agree that having more than 1080 vertical pixels would be preferable, but I'd hardly describe it as 'almost useless'. Netbook users seem to (mostly) get along with their paltry 600 pixels.

Besides, there are plenty of business applications for widescreen monitors - side by side windows or documents, spreadsheet viewing and various graphics applications spring to mind.

Martin Daler

October 8, 2010, 10:27 pm

@TrustedPhrontis. Couldn't agree more! I have never understood the trend for taking a format optimised to suit one pursuit (eb watching cinema) and applying it willy-nilly to another (like web browsing or wordprocessing). Suddenly evertyhing is being shoehorned into a widescreen world, with no regard for fitness for purpose. I take on trust Chris' knowledge of the human eye field of vision, but he makes the case for the prosecution - peripheral vision is a big factor in enjoying a cinematic experience, but I defy anybody to wordprocess or browse the web relying on peripheral vision - for me the action is all in the fovea centralis. Give me a screen I don't need to scroll.


October 9, 2010, 8:08 am

Do PC users spend all their time watching films? For that application, I prefer to relax on the sofa with a G&T in front of a big-screen TV. I need a PC monitor for work and for editing/viewing photos. Wide-screen monitors are too wide for landscape pics and make portrait pics horribly small to work on or view. A slideshow containing a mix of landscape & portrait photos looks faintly ridiculous and is forcing me to take many more pics in landscape orientation although portrait would better suit the subject. This is particularly true of human subjects which, in most of my pics, are vertical subjects. I'm finding that people really don't like lying down on the wet pavement to have their photo taken just to suit my monitor's preference. Although I can live with 4:3 format, I really need a square monitor. Any chance a monitor manufacturer will see the opportunity?

Dave Deacon

October 20, 2010, 11:54 pm

Just bought a BenQ VM2420H and am not impressed. Running some monitor tests (eg checkmon, lagom) I can see a horrible on-off regular bleed of backlight all the way across the bottom of the panel. I can see this on other images too. Some images have acquired stepped gradients. Looking at bluray movies, eg Jeff Beck at Ronnie Scott's, movement is blurry (can't focus) until whoever it is stands relatively still. Viewing angles are poor. Moving either way changes colours. On plain colour screens, apart form the bleed pattern already mentioned, there are two wide dark vertical streaks. Using the Checkmon Colour Spectrum test I can see horizonatla dn vertical bands unevenly spread across the screen.

I don't think I am expecting too much from this relatively cheap monitor. I have an old Samsung 205BM (1680x1050) which in many ways seems better. Maybe I just got a duff VW2420H. I dont, however, fancy playing 'monitor tennis'. Pity as I was looking forward to this monitor.


October 21, 2010, 3:27 pm

OK. so after waiting a lot for this monitor to be available in stores where i live, FINALLY bought it. Turn it on the brightness was on 100%, i switched it to 50% it was better.

After some tweaking, I got the picture that suited my work.


Image quality is SUPERB, no backlight bleed, bright colours, sharp text very useful for people who like to read a lot on the internet, bluray movies where amazing compared to my old Benq, the blacks where very black.

after that i connected my PS3 to my VW2420H, went to the setting, turned on Full RGB (0-255) which this monitor supports and blacks where extremely black, vibrant colours, respones time was good, but not the best.

@ Mr Dave Deacon, i don't know what are bumbling about but the Viewing angles where very good better than any monitor with this price range, yea and a lot better then your Samsung 205BM. i think you got a duff VW2420H.

Anyways, I love it and think this monitor Benq VW2420H is the best monitor on the market right now, nothing can beat 8bit VA LED panel with this price.

Dave Deacon

October 21, 2010, 6:34 pm

@ahalan Me thinks you are the one bumbling away. What makes you think you know enough to make that statement? You don't know what the Samsung 205BW is... Hence empty words designed to bolster your choice of monitor.

FYI my Samsung 205BW is better than the VW2420H I tried on many of the Laghom tests and using Checkmon too. Why not try the tests yourself...? If your VW2420H performs anything like the one I got from, you'll realise it is not what is claimed.


October 21, 2010, 11:32 pm

@ Dave Deacon

I own an Eizo EV2411WH and bought the VW2420H as a second monitor

and i use Eizo MonitorTest for testing my monitors and the results were surprisingly good for the VW2420H

Samsung 205BW is an average monitor with a TN panel and terrible viewing angle, i know own one at my office, and i also owned a Samsung 226BW and they both are terrible(as image quality and especially reliability)

also this review agrees with me


Like i said, i think you have a duff VW2420H, or you don't even own it, because VW2420H horizontal view angles are near to perfect and you said they are terrible.

i disagree with all you said and even this review also disagrees with you.

Lets not turn this conversation to arguments.

Have a nice day sir.

Dave Deacon

October 22, 2010, 1:49 am


I see you now call it a Samsung 205BW - you repeated my 205BM error intially. I think your making it up... Why would I do what you do and pretend onwership of things I don't have? They're not that expensive. I said, I might have a 'duff' one - you even use the word I used for it. Undoubtedly, a VW2420H as stated in the Review would be better than my ageing 205BW; but that is the issue: the one I have is not. Maybe it is you who does not have a VW2420H.

Tell you what, it comes in a thin brittle-type cardboard cyan and purple box with wording in English and French; the serial number etc are on the left side of the box and on the base of the monitor rather than the back. I don't think any reviews have shown these. Tell me what's on the back of the monitor when you take it out of the box...?

BTW easy way to not argue is to not to drop insults - as you keep doing.


October 22, 2010, 1:23 pm

I just received this screen yesterday. For some reason, it didn't come with the plug component of the power supply, but fortunately I had a spare plug with a typical two pin connector. The screen is incredibly bright, I had to turn it down immediately to at least half brightness. Playing counterstrike, the lag is somewhat noticeable compared to my old Belinea TN screen. The colours are better and reading text is slightly better, but I have to say, the jump isn't amazing. There's still a bit of sparkle/ fuzz, when reading black text on a white background, which is probably to do with the matte surface. The horizontal viewing angles aren't great either, with colours and details fading significantly at 45 degrees. I think I will save up for an IPS screen next, as I do spend a lot of time looking at computer screens.

Dave Deacon

November 5, 2010, 2:16 pm

Okay sent back the Benq VW2420H and have now bought a Viewsonic VP2365wb which uses an IPS panel. Indeed, it is the same panel as used by Dell in the U2311h and NEC EA231WMi both of which retail for £270-320. This one I have retails for about £190 which is a teeny bit more than the Benq. However, the differences between it and the Benq are enormous. Viewing angles are excellent as is colour. No screen smear. No backlight bleed. Zero pixel issues - Viewsonic offers zero pixel warranty. Now you might see that this has 14ms response but infact it is quoted properly as 5ms gtg. Certainly it has less trailing edge than the Benq. It's fine for fast games - see reviews on YT. There's a full review over of TFTcentral. So, for anyone considering such a monitor at least check this Viewsonic VP2365wb out.

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