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Belling FSE60MF



Belling FSE60MF


Key Features

  • Fan oven
  • Ceramic hob
  • Slide out glass door panels
  • Manufacturer: Belling
  • Review Price: £529.00

Belling FSE60MF

First things first, the Belling FSE60MF looks absolutely brilliant. It’s black, shiny and modern, with sleek lines that mean it wouldn’t look out of place in any bachelor’s kitchen. Sadly, Belling has not matched the impressive styling with a strong build quality with the FSE60MF feeling rather flimsy and like it’s not going to last long.

The range of functions and programmes is excellent, however. The Belling FSE60MF is a dual oven with the larger oven located on the bottom featuring two shelves that can be set at various different heights or removed completely. The main oven heats up very quickly and you can set it to act as either a conventional oven or a fan oven.

Fan ovens tend to be better than conventional ovens because they distribute heat more evenly so food is cooked more quickly and at a lower temperature, but it’s nice to have the option to use a conventional oven for times when you need precise cooking temperatures such as when baking. Even with the fan on, the Belling FSE60MF is quite quiet.

Above the main oven is the smaller oven, which only has one shelf. You can use this smaller oven as either a grill or an oven and it performs equally well as both. The grill also heats up quickly, and grills food very nicely. The inside of both ovens is quite small, however, even though the Belling FSE60MF itself is fairly deep.

Both oven doors have slide out glass panels, which makes them very easy to keep clean whilst the hob, which is ceramic and has four burners, is also easy to keep clean and looks lovely after a good scrub. The Belling's hob is however very easy to mark and the burners are extremely close together — if you’re using big pans to cook large amounts of vegetables or potatoes you can’t use all of the burners at once.