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Belling FSDF60DO



Belling FSDF60DO


Key Features

  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Dual fan assisted ovens
  • Dual fuel cooker
  • Manufacturer: Belling
  • Review Price: £415.00

Belling FSDF60DO

The Belling FSDF60DO is a dual fuel oven with double oven capacity where the larger oven with two trays is on the bottom and the slightly smaller single tray grill is on the top, a setup that proves perfect for cooking large roast dinners where it is necessary to cook the meat at one temperature and the vegetables at another.

Although the FSDF60DO's ovens are electric, the hob is gas with the selection of burners coming in three different sizes to better suit a wide selection of varyingly sized pans. Encompassing a handy safety feature, the cooker's gas hobs light easily when used by an adult with the deep compression switches making it difficult for children to turn the gas release on.

Having been awarded an A-grade energy efficiency rating, the Belling FSDF60DO ensures you use less energy when cooking than with standard models, a feature that should help keep your electricity bills a little lower. With both of the Belling cooker's ovens utilising fan-assisted heating methods, the unit is capable of cooking food quickly and more evenly at a lower temperatures, an added bonus that once again means you’ll be using less energy and spending less on your electricity bill.

The glass lid on the top of the Belling FSDF60DO is tinted, so it covers the hob when it’s pulled down. The glass in the oven itself is removable, which makes for easy cleaning. In fact, the whole oven is really easy to clean. The oven itself heats up really quickly and overall the Belling FSDF60DO is an all-round impressive appliance.

In fact, the only problems with the Belling FSDF60DO aren’t problems at all — they’re more niggles. For example, the grill pan handle is slightly awkward to attach. Another problem is that Belling has neglected to build in an oven timer so you have to buy an external timer if you want keep an accurate track on your cooking. But these really are just niggles and overall the Belling FSDF60DO is excellent.