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Belling CTS211



Belling CTS211


Key Features

  • 800W microwave cooking power
  • Quartz grill
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Manufacturer: Belling
  • Review Price: £21.00

Belling CTS211

A combination microwave oven/grill with a 21 litres (0.74 cubic foot) capacity the Belling CTS211 has 800W of microwave power and a 1200W quartz grill, but has a disappointingly low maximum grill/oven temperature of 200oC, and there is no fan assistance. A relatively compact unit at H28.7 x W48.5 x D39.5cms the unit will be at home in kitchens where space is at a premium.

Trimmed in stainless steel; a material that’s also used for the cavity walls this Belling microwave metallic construction pays dividends with regards to ease of cleaning. It has typical touch controls and the door is push-button operated. The buttons are clearly labelled and their use is pleasingly intuitive.

Coming with a wire stand for use with the grill/oven functions, the Belling CTS211’s innards are a bit clunky and tend to slide around on top of the glass platter, which is not ideal when it’s bearing piping hot food. What’s more the internal cavity won’t accommodate a full-sized pizza tray.

Whilst the microwave works as well as one would expect – defrosting is especially impressive. The conventional/combination cooking, however, is less successful with the maximum temperature proving too low for effective cooking, and as with many quartz grills the top of the food will cook much too fast compared with the rest. Great for lasagne, though. Also when used in conventional mode the top of the unit gets very hot, so be sure to leave adequate ventilation. After using the conventional oven an inbuilt safety feature disables the microwave function until the unit has cooled down adequately, admirably safety conscious but sure to produce some moments of frustration.