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Belling Classic 90DFT



Belling Classic 90DFT


Key Features

  • A* energy efficiency rating
  • Dual fan assisted ovens
  • Five gas hob burners
  • Manufacturer: Belling
  • Review Price: £900.00

Belling Classic 90DFT

The Belling Classic 90DFT is almost a metre wide, making it quite a big cooker. Big doesn’t necessarily mean bad, though, as it uses up every inch of space to deliver a fantastic, useful oven. Big doesn’t necessarily mean greedy, either with the unit playing host to an A* energy efficiency rating, meaning it won’t guzzle electricity and as a result it won’t cost you the earth to run.

On the top of the Belling Classic 90DFT is the gas hob, which has five burners of varying sizes. This is important as only if the pan is on a burner that matches its size will you be able to get even cooking throughout. The pan supports are made of cast iron, so you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged from heavy pots or frequent use either.

Then we come to the ovens. The main oven is at the bottom right and has an electric light. Adding to this, on the right side of the Belling Classic 90DFT, there is a tall oven. Both of these ovens are fan heated and have electric lights so you can always see what you’re cooking.

The tall oven is particularly interesting. Thanks to its fan assisted heating mechanism, the heat is evenly distributed meaning that, in theory at least, the oven would be good for baking multiple batches of biscuits or cupcakes at once. Due to the distinct lack of trays, however, the side oven will probably be used instead for cooking big, tall joints of meat that won’t fit in the main oven.

The main oven has a glass window so you can see what you’re cooking without opening the door. Above the main oven is a variable electric grill. All of the insides of the oven are coated in enamel, which makes for nice, easy cleaning.

Because there are two sets of ovens/grills side by side, the ovens are slightly narrower than most traditional models — as a result, some baking trays might not fit. There are a few design faults like this that spoil the overall excellence of the Belling Classic 90DFT. For example, the gaps in between the burners are quite wide so things can get knocked down there, and the top gets scratched quite easily.