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Belling BI70FP



Belling BI70FP


Key Features

  • Fan assisted oven
  • Built-in unit
  • Top oven doubles as a grill
  • Manufacturer: Belling
  • Review Price: £489.00

Belling BI70FP

An electric, fan-assisted oven that is designed to be built into a kitchen unit, the Belling BI70FP oven has two cavities — the bottom one is a larger oven compartment with two shelves and the top compartment has one shelf. The top oven also doubles up as a grill, which is useful for when you want to try cooking with different recipes or cooking techniques.

Both compartments have plenty of space, more than enough to hold casserole dishes or Christmas feasts. The shelves can be re-positioned in both cavities too, which is very handy. Having the two ovens that can be set at different temperatures makes cooking things at varying heats or cooking lots of things at once a doddle — very good for Sunday roasts.

The fan assistance in the Belling BI70FP’s oven means food will quick faster and the heat is evenly distributed around the oven. The control dials are easy to read and understand — no peering at the front of the oven trying to figure out exactly what you’re setting it to. The grill is very efficient and heats up quickly, and has various heat settings. This oven, being electric, comes with a control panel which allows you to set a timer which will automatically turn the oven on and off at a pre-selected time, which is ideal for meals that take a long time to be cooked.

The only let-downs in this oven are the grill pan handle, which is flimsy and hard to attach, and the instructions for the timer, which are fairly complicated and could be simplified. Beyond these two small points, however, this is a fantastic oven, which cooks food evenly and quickly.