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Beko ZA95FW



Beko ZA95FW


Key Features

  • 76 litre capacity
  • Fast Freeze function
  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Manufacturer: Beko
  • Review Price: free/subscription

Beko ZA95FW

The Beko ZA95FW is a real gem of a freezer. If you are looking for small capacity and low price, this will be hard to beat.

Measuring up at only 84cm tall, this is not a family home freezer; it is styled for smaller households, or apartments, and people who do not keep a lot of frozen goods. Despite it's diminutive size, it is surprisingly spacious, having the capacity to hold 76 litres of food (about as much food as would fit into half a shopping trolley), spread out amongst three deep compartments.

Each compartment is transparent, so you can view the contents. The Beko is fitted with Fast Freeze technology, to cool fresh food quickly, so it keeps fresh for longer, and it is Frost Free, meaning this freezer will never need to be defrosted. Despite this, the Beko is energy efficient, with the highest possible rating of A, so it won’t use lots and lots of energy and so won’t cost you much on electricity. It also runs very quietly.

The only complaint that can be made, and it is hardly a complaint, is that the capacity is slightly reduced compared to previous models, due to the inclusion of the frost-free fan. However, if it means no more defrosting it seems like a worthwhile compromise. This tiny freezer really isn’t built for people who freeze lots and lots of things and there are much, much bigger models on the market, but for those who only have moderate freezer needs it really is perfect.

This Beko comes in white, and is small enough to fit underneath a counter-top or even the kitchen table, if you want it tucked away. It’s easy to install and there aren’t any problems with using it. This is an impeccable little freezer, with a very nice price tag.