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Beko ZA630



Beko ZA630


Key Features

  • Four star freezer rating
  • Fast Freeze function
  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Manufacturer: Beko
  • Review Price: £149.00

Beko ZA630

The Beko ZA630 is an inexpensive, nifty little freezer which is ideal for smaller households.

This freezer is a small upright model, measuring in at about waist height, with three shelves or compartments. Having only three compartments, each one is fairly deep, meaning any bulky items you do choose to put in here should fit without a problem. At the top of the freezer sits an ice tray for making and storing ice cubes. The freezer itself comes in a dark metallic grey or clean white colour, the door handle is a groove in the top of the door for ease of access, and the door is reversible, so that it can be opened on the left or right hand side of the appliance.

The freezer is four star, meaning food can keep in it for up to a year, and it has a Fast Freeze function to quickly cool unfrozen foods, keeping the food fresher for longer. Unfortunately, this model is not Frost Free, meaning it will need to be defrosted periodically, but as it is so small, this should not be a massive chore. This freezer carries the highest possibly energy efficiency rating of 'A', meaning this freezer's energy consumption will be kept low, saving you money on bills.

Unfortunately, this is not a particularly spacious freezer. It is only meant for smaller households, but even so, compared to its rivals, it is below average in terms of capacity, holding roughly half a shopping trolley worth of food. This will be because, unlike other small freezers, the Beko ZA630 is built to work in low ambient temperatures, meaning it can be kept in a garage, cellar or outhouse. If you require plenty of space, this might not be the freezer for you, but it is the definite choice if you are looking for a small freezer which can be placed anywhere.