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Beko WMB91242L



Beko WMB91242L


Key Features

  • 9kg drum capacity
  • 16 different wash programmes
  • A* energy efficiency rating
  • Manufacturer: Beko
  • Review Price: £329.00

Beko WMB91242L

First things first, this is a beautiful machine. Sleek and shiny it wouldn’t look out of place in any modern kitchen. But looks aren’t the only important thing when you’re buying a machine, and thankfully the Beko WMB91242L has the abilities to match its impressive exterior.

Ideal for those who have some serious washing needs, the Beko WMB91242L is huge. It has a drum capacity of a whopping 9kg, which means you can even wash Kingsize duvets in it. Add to this an extra-large door that means you can get these huge loads in and out easily and you have a machine that can handle consecutive full loads with little fuss. If you’re upgrading from a slightly older machine, expect to be amazed at how much more you can fit into one load and therefore how little time you will have to spend actually doing the washing in comparison.

Even though the wash capacity is huge, the cycles don’t necessarily take a particularly long time. You can almost always set the cycles so that they’re a shorter time if you need to. The Daily 9kg wash for example takes different times depending on the temperature you select, going from a lengthy 133 minutes at 90°C to a speedy 39 minutes at 30°C. The quick wash, which washes at 20 degrees, takes only 14 minutes.

With 16 different wash programmes, the Beko WMB91242L can wash anything you throw at it. There are also plenty of eco wash settings for those of you who are worried about the environment. Admittedly the maximum speed of the machine is a mere 1200 revolutions per minute, but to get faster speeds you’d need to compromise on size and find a washing machine with a smaller drum.

Although the Beko WMB91242L is huge, it still manages to hold an A* energy efficiency rating and is very quiet, even on spinning cycles. It’s also very simple to use, with an interactive LCD display that allows you to select different programmes, set up a time delay and adjust the spin speed and temperature easily. The machine itself can tell if you’re washing a half load and will adjust water and energy usage accordingly. Quite frankly, this is an impressive machine.