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Beko TZDA504F



Beko TZDA504F


Key Features

  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Frost Free freezer technology
  • Fast Freeze function
  • Manufacturer: Beko
  • Review Price: £272.00

Beko TZDA504F

The Beko TZDA504F is a sleek, stylish upright freezer which is small enough to fit into a kitchen, but resilient enough to last in a garage or cellar.

A slim build freezer, the TZDA504F is tall and deep enough to fit five spacious compartments, which are removable to allow for even more space, if you have taller items. Each compartment is transparent, leaving the contents of each compartment visible. At the top of the freezer there is a slimline ice tray for making and storing ice cubes, although this means there is no door-mounted ice dispenser.

This model is a 4 star freezer, meaning food can be stored in here for up to a year. One of the five compartments has the capability to Fast Feeze food, ideal for quickly cooling raw meat and vegetables, so that they keep for longer. This model is Fost Fee, a handy advancement that eliminates the need for the freezer to be defrosted.

Having been awarded and A Class energy efficiency rating, the Beko TZDA504F’s motor runs at a very quiet 42 decibels whilst the device has also been designed to be used in low temperature conditions, so this freezer is ideal for keeping in the garage or shed outside.

The Beko TZDA504F comes in either silver or white, with a curved door design and curved handles at the top of the door adding to the overall aesthetic. The door hinges are reversible, meaning it can be opened from the left or right side. The door handles being at the top of the freezer may make it difficult for certain people to open, and the freezer does tend to move off the supports if the door is pulled too hard. The thermostat is awkwardly placed inside one of the freezer compartments, and there is no thermometer to identify the internal temperature of the freezer, or warning light to say if it is too warm.

Despite these issues, which tend to be common complaints of most modern upright freezers, this model is efficient, stylish and versatile, and requires very little in the way of maintenance. All-in-all, a sound purchase.