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Beko TZDA503



Beko TZDA503


Key Features

  • 175 litre capacity
  • Fast Freeze function
  • Four star freezer rating
  • Manufacturer: Beko
  • Review Price: £229.00

Beko TZDA503

The Beko TZDA503 may be shorter than its rivals, but it certainly does not skimp on space.

A slimline upright freezer, at 146cm tall, the TZDA503 is a little smaller than most uprights, and it is fairly narrow as well, at only 55cm across, but Beko have still managed to keep capacity high at 175 litres, or just over one full shopping trolley of food. The freezer has five compartments, two less than the average for its class, which means each compartment is deep enough to hold bulkier items. This model also comes with an ice bank which slides in to the top of the freezer, for making and storing ice cubes.

The freezer has Fast Freeze capability, for cooling foods quickly, especially handy for fresh vegetables and uncooked meat, keeping them fresher for longer. The freezer is four star, meaning it can keep food for up to a year. Unfortunately, this freezer is not fitted with Frost Free, meaning it will have to be manually defrosted periodically. Previous owners have also complained that the compartments can be quite tricky to put back in after a defrosting, but that is a common complaint of most freezers.

This upright freezer is handily fitted with added insulation, so that it can be used in temperatures as low as -15 degrees. This makes it ideal for keeping in a garage or shed, but with it being so narrow, it will probably fit fairly well into even the smallest of kitchens. With a clean white finish, reversible door (can be opened from the left or right), and flush fitting door handle, this is a plain but unobtrusive appliance, and at around £250, it is one of the less expensive upright freezers on the market. If you want plenty of space at a nice price, this is definitely worth a look.