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Beko TLDA567



Beko TLDA567


Key Features

  • 300 litre capacity
  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Auto defrost option
  • Manufacturer: Beko
  • Review Price: free/subscription

Beko TLDA567

The Beko TLDA567 is designed to store masses of food and drink, with a space for everything. The capacity is around 300 litres, which is plenty of room for even a large family. If you like to go for one big weekly shop and can’t be bothered with popping back and forth to the supermarkets, the Beko TLDA567 might be for you.

There are five shelves (four of which are adjustable) five door balconies, a salad crisper and a wine rack in the middle. The top door shelf is a dairy box with a lid, the bottom door shelf has plenty of vertical space, for tall items like milk bottles or bottles of wine (if you’ve filled up the wine rack), and one shelf in the fridge is a 'chiller zone', which makes it ideal for fresh meat and fish storage.

All of the shelves are transparent glass, and the light in the fridge is bright enough to spread down to the base, making everything inside easy to see. Besides the chilled area for meat, the cold is evenly distributed around the whole appliance. The fridge automatically defrosts itself, meaning there will never be frost build up. Despite all of this, the TLDA567 still retains a high energy efficiency rating of 'A', making it good for the environment and easy on your electricity bill.

The only issues with this fridge are slight, and will probably be simple to get used to. The bottom door balcony goes into the bottom shelf space in the fridge cavity when the door is closed, so nothing huge can be stored on the bottom shelf. Also, the salad crisper can be tough to pull out, especially when the door is not entirely open. Besides these two small problems, this is a great fridge with clever design features and loads of space.