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Beko TLDA 521



Beko TLDA 521


Key Features

  • 250 litre capacity
  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Auto defrost option
  • Manufacturer: Beko
  • Review Price: £250.00

Beko TLDA 521

The Beko TLDA 521 is a tall, slim upright fridge with a large amount of space and a great design that makes using this space to its optimum easy.

The TLDA 521 is a fairly short upright fridge compared to many similar models, but it still retains a large, 250 litre capacity. It’s ideal for a large family and can store plenty of food for those who don’t like going to the shops every day.

The fridge has five shelves, four of which are height-adjustable, allowing for tall spaces if required. The door has four balconies, the top balcony is a dairy box with a lid, and the bottom balcony has plenty of space for large bottles and jars. There is also a five-bottle rack located in the middle of the fridge and a large salad crisper in the base.

Distributing the cold evenly, the Beko TLDA 521automatically defrosts, avoiding icy build up around the cooling element. This fridge is energy efficient, with an A Class energy efficiency rating saving money on electricity bills as well as helping the environment. The fridge is well designed externally too, having integrated flush door handles and a choice of clean white or silver metallic finish. Also, the door is reversible, meaning it can be opened from the left or right hand side.

There are a couple of let downs with the Beko - the fridge is a little narrow, so large boxed items may not fit as well as in some other models, and the lowest door shelf sits over the lowest fridge shelf when the door is shut, meaning there is not as much space on the bottom shelf as it may seem when the door is open. Beyond these two points, however, this fridge is an excellent modern appliance that is reliable and spacious.