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Beko TFF673AP



Beko TFF673AP


Key Features

  • 250 litre capacity
  • A* energy efficiency rating
  • Fast Freeze function
  • Manufacturer: Beko
  • Review Price: £326.00

Beko TFF673AP

The Beko TFF673AP is a modern, energy-efficient and customisable freezer that is easy on the eyes.

An upright freezer, measuring in at 175cm tall, with 60cm depth and 60cm width, it has the capacity to hold roughly 250 litres of food, which is plenty of space for the average household. The freezer comes with seven transparent compartments, making it easy to see what you have inside. The compartments will happily fit everyday groceries, but they will be hard stretched to hold some larger items (larger birds, wholesale goods). However, each compartment is removable, which will allow you to create larger spaces for those bulky frozen items.

A four star freezer, meaning it can store food for up to a whole year, the Beko TFF673AP has an adjustable thermostat and is fitted with a Fast Freeze function, which allows large quantities of fresh food (vegetables, raw meat, etc...) to be frozen quickly, keeping it fresher for longer. The TFF673AP also features Frost Free, which prevents ice build-up, meaning it will not need to be defrosted.

The freezer is very economical compared to its rivals, with an A* energy efficiency rating, costing you less to run it, and a surprisingly quiet motor. The freezer is especially insulated for use in colder ambient environments, which makes it ideal for use in garages or sheds.

Available in sleek black, chrome or white finishes, with an elegant fixed door handle and a reversible door, so that the door can be opened from the left or the right, the Beko TFF673AP unfortunatelydoes not come with a door-mounted ice dispenser, but it does have a slimline ice tray for making and storing ice cubes. The only other concern with this model is that the temperature gauge is on the inside of the door, but these are barely issues in an otherwise great freezer.