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Beko RA610



Beko RA610


Key Features

  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Small freezer compartment
  • Auto defrost option
  • Manufacturer: Beko
  • Review Price: £140.00

Beko RA610

The Beko RA610 is a small, upright freestanding fridge, with the added bonus of a freezer compartment.

The RA610 is an under-counter fridge, meaning it will be better suited to a couple or small household rather than a family home, but it is ideal for its purpose. Although you’re not going to get a month’s worth of food in it, if you’re more a fan of going to the shops little and often it’ll be absolutely fine for your needs.

With two full shelves and one half-depth shelf in the middle it has a versatile space for small and tall items, as well as a salad crisper in the base to keep produce nice and fresh and three shelves in the door. Then there is the added advantage of a freezer compartment in the top which although not large is fine for a small number of frozen items.

Whilst the fridge has an even dispersal of cold over all of the shelves and the temperature can be adjusted, a separate thermostat features for the freezer compartment. The fridge compartment automatically defrosts, but the freezer compartment will need to be defrosted manually — bit of a pain, but not too bad. The fridge itself has an energy efficiency rating of 'A', saving you money on energy bills, and the fridge itself is reasonably priced.

Despite the usefulness of the freezer compartment, it has left a lot less space in the fridge itself. It’s also messed up the design of the fridge as the existence of the freezer compartment means that the top door balcony is too narrow to be of any real use. The half-depth shelf, whilst providing space for tall items, also seems a little pointless. However, the fridge on the whole is very compact and reliable, and seems very reasonable for a fridge with a freezer compartment.