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Beko GNE114610X



Beko GNE114610X


Key Features

  • 400 litre capacity
  • Two chiller compartments
  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Manufacturer: Beko
  • Review Price: £897.00

Beko GNE114610X

Considering it’s an American style fridge freezer, the Beko GNE114610X is a really great price. At the top of the machine is the fridge, which has a fantastic 400 litre capacity, and at the bottom this is the 155 litre capacity freezer — a huge improvement on the models with the fridge on one side and the freezer on the other.

The fridge has three glass, spill-proof shelves and active guard seals to make the machine more hygienic.There’s also two chiller compartments in the fridge that you can store fresh meat and fish in.

With the freezer featuring a four star rating, unlike freezers with lower star ratings, you can freeze fresh food rather than only continually freezing frozen, with fresh food able to be stored for up to a year.

Getting to the freezer contents is made simple thanks to the easy sliding doors, one of which is big enough for turkey storage. The freezer has an interior light, which is useful, and half of the freezer can be used as fridge space instead if needed. It’s also fitted with Frost Free features, which prevents big build ups of ice.

There are four large doors on the Beko GNE114610X — two at the top to access the fridge and two at the bottom to access the freezer. There are also some extra features on the Beko device such as double twist and serve ice cube trays and a water ventilator. A digital display on the front of the machine tells you all you need to know about how the fridge is working.

The Beko GNE114610X has an A Class energy efficiency and full length metal bar handles for easy door opening. The only negative things about it really are that the freezer is quite small considering the overall size of the appliance and it can be a little bit noisy.