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Beko DWD5411



Beko DWD5411


Key Features

  • Five selectable wash programmes
  • A-grade wash performance rating
  • Quick Clean setting
  • Manufacturer: Beko
  • Review Price: £210.00

Beko DWD5411

As it can only take twelve place settings, the Beko DWD5411 probably isn’t the best model to go for if you’ve got a big family, throw a lot of dinner parties or otherwise need to wash a lot of dishes and cooking implements in one go. If, however, you’re only looking for a dishwasher to clean the dirty dishes of a couple or a small family, it’s definitely worth consideration.

A freestanding appliance, the Beko DWD5411 certainly isn’t the most attractive dishwasher on the market but it’s not as ugly and clumsy looking as some of the others can be, either. It simply looks like an inoffensive appliance, and it doesn’t hint to the fact that it cleans really, really well.

There are five different programmes that use four different wash temperatures in the Beko DWD5411. One of these is a Quick Clean setting, which will get your dishes clean in just under an hour to an A rated standard. If you can’t be bothered to configure all of the different settings, you can just use the Automatic Programme function.

All of the programmes on the Beko DWD5411 clean well, actually, as it has an A rating for cleaning efficiency overall. Even though it cleans well it doesn’t dry particularly brilliantly, but this is a common problem with modern dishwashers.

The Beko DWD5411 is nice and quiet when it’s running and the cycles are reasonably short, especially compared to a lot of the other models out there nowadays which seem to take ages. On top of this, it is really cheap compared to other models and you can feel this in the build quality as it seems to be a bit flimsy, and the internal design makes loading awkward. It’s also quite a basic model compared to many others.

However, for the money it’s really good, and as long as you don’t need to use it for industrial levels of washing the Beko DWD5411 is absolutely fine.