Beko DW600



Beko DW600


Key Features

  • Five selectable wash programmes
  • A-grade wash performance rating
  • Four different wash temperatures
  • Manufacturer: Beko
  • Review Price: £205.00

Beko DW600

Nowadays, a lot of people are going for integrated dishwashers. Although modern dishwashers look a lot sleeker and more stylish than traditional, clunky models, they’re still not quite good enough to fit in with the kitchens we spend so much time and money designing. Thankfully, built-in models such as the Beko DW600 blend in seamlessly.

Even though it’s integrated it’s a full-size model with a twelve place setting capacity. This is probably a bit small for large families or people who use a lot of dishes, but if you’re a couple of just a small family it should be absolutely fine.

There are five control programmes in the Beko DW600, which you select electronically using the buttons and handy display at the top of it. These five programmes use four different wash temperatures, which is a wide enough range of options that you should be able to find something suitable to clean your dishes with. These cycles are all very long, however.

With an A Class wash efficiency rating, the Beko DW600 should perform well and get out all but the most tenacious of baked on foods. It doesn’t dry well at all, however, no matter what wash cycle you use, so be prepared to do some towel drying or wait even longer to let the dishes drip-dry.

One of the main faults with the Beko DW600 is that it’s difficult to load. The glasses fall over when placed in the top of the Beko DW600 and the area in the middle is too wide to be any real use. It’s just a lack of design thought, and this seems to be a problem throughout the Beko DW600 as it just feels a little bit flimsy and badly constructed.

However we must bear in mind that the Beko DW600 is one of the cheaper models you can find, and for the price it’s really not that bad.