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Beko DSFN1530



Beko DSFN1530


Key Features

  • A-grade wash performance rating
  • World’s quickest wash programme
  • Five selectable wash programmes
  • Manufacturer: Beko
  • Review Price: £199.00

Beko DSFN1530

The first thing you notice about the Beko DSFN1530 is how absolutely lovely it looks. It has a sleek, slimline look with an equally attractive fascia panel that has electronic controls to match. Although built-in appliances are becoming all the rage as our kitchens get fancier and more expensive, with the Beko DSFN1530 you don’t have to hide it away.

It’s certainly a model to be proud of. So many dishwashers today have really long cycle times so you’re hanging around for ages waiting for your dishes to be clean, but the Beko DSFN1530 actually has the world’s quickest wash programme, so you can get everything clean in no time.
As well as this fast wash programme the Beko DSFN1530 has five other programmes that use four different temperatures, so you can pick different settings depending on exactly what you’ve loaded your dishwasher up with. It even has a half load setting for when you’ve not got that many dishes to clean. All of these programmes work well and get dishes clean helping the Beko DSFN1530 to an A Class has a cleaning efficiency rating.

With a twelve place setting capacity, the Beko DSFN1530 is good for couples or smaller families. The upper basket has folding racks for storing smaller dishes and the lower basket has folding plate supports. You can also adjust the height of the upper basket in case you need to fit a large ovenproof dish or something similar in the machine.

Although the Beko DSFN1530 has a Hot Air drying system, it doesn’t actually dry the dishes very well and they’ll need either a drip dry or a good wipe down with a tea-towel after they’ve been washed. This is a pretty standard problem on dishwashers nowadays, though — it’s difficult to find models that do dry well.

Overall the Beko DSFN1530 is a good model, and one which is good value for money.