Beko DRVS62



Beko DVRS62


Key Features

  • 6kg drum capacity
  • Reverse action drum
  • Sensor drying
  • Manufacturer: Beko
  • Review Price: £170.00

Beko DRVS62

Although they shouldn’t be, looks are still important to us when we’re choosing our appliances and the Beko DRVS62 plays up to that as it looks absolutely lovely. It’s modern, elegant and stylish, so won’t stick out like a sore thumb in any modern kitchens.

With a 6kg load capacity it’s not as large as a lot of other models, but it’s still big enough to service a couple or a small family. It also has an extra large door, which makes getting all of these clothes in and out of the tumble dryer really easy — they won’t get stuck in the door at any time.

There are four timed programmes on the Beko DRVS62, so you can pop them on and know exactly how long your washing has left before the cycle ends. Building on this, the unit also has an impressive eleven sensor programmes. With these programmes you can set the Beko DRVS62 to tell how dry you want your clothes to be, and then it will monitor the moisture levels in the drum and of the clothes as it’s drying.

As soon as the clothes hit this desired level of dryness, the Beko appliance will stop automatically, a feature that is brilliant for time and energy saving as you don’t have to worry about popping back and forth to the device to see if your clothes are dry yet and you won’t waste a single bit of electricity drying clothes that are already dry. This sensor however isn’t always 100% reliable, so don’t completely trust it.

The reverse action drum won’t tangle your clothes up, and the anti-creasing feature will stop you spending hours wielding an iron after the clothes are dry. There’s also an auto cool-down phase that will stop you hurting yourself on hot clothes. However the main problem with the Beko DRVS62 is quite a big one — and that’s that it’s not actually that good at drying. Even with the sensor, clothes still remain wet, a pretty big problem for a dryer.