Beko DRCS68



Beko DRCS68


Key Features

  • 6kg drum capacity
  • Reverse action drum
  • Sensor drying
  • Manufacturer: Beko
  • Review Price: £200.00

Beko DRCS68

Like most modern tumble dryers, the Beko DRCS68 uses sensor drying. Sensor drying will monitor the amount of moisture in the drum of the tumble dryer and in the clothes themselves as they’re being dried. When the Beko DRCS68 senses that the clothes have reached a selected level of dryness, it stops drying.

In theory this is a really useful feature that means you don’t have to keep popping back and forth to the dryer to check if your clothes are dry and you don’t have to worry about wasting electricity as you won’t be drying clothes that are already dry. It’s convenient and saves you money.

In practice, however, like with most sensors dryers, the Beko DRCS68’s sensor system doesn’t work all the time. No matter which of the seven sensor drying programmes are selected, a number of users have reported to have found their clothes are still damp. Other absolutely love it though, so it’s worth having a try to see what you think.

On top of this, there are 4 traditional, timed drying programmes you can use, and these tend to dry very well. Whilst the sensor drying programmes take hours, you can use these and know exactly how long your drying cycle as left. Yes you’ll have to use your brain to figure out when they’re dry, but that’s better than ending up with wet clothes.

The 6kg of the Beko DRCS68 is a fair size — not as big as many other models you can get nowadays, but big enough to cope with the demands an average family will place upon it. It has a reverse action drum, which means the drum will spin both ways. This will not only stop your sheets and clothes from becoming a big tangled mess, it will also stop the clothes from getting excessively creased. The automatic anti-creasing feature in the Beko DRCS68 will also do this.