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Beko DCU7230



Beko DCU7230


Key Features

  • 7kg drum capacity
  • Xpress programme
  • Load sensor programmes
  • Manufacturer: Beko
  • Review Price: £249.00

Beko DCU7230

Sometimes, it can be the small things that make a big difference and that is certainly the case for the Beko DCU7230, a dryer that plays host to a raft of little features that make the device nicer to use, easier to manage and more useful for everyday life.

For example, on the front there are little LED lights that indicate the progress of the timed dryer cycles. These indicators also show the dryness levels of the clothes inside, a feature that means you no longer have to second guess and anticipate when contents will be dry.

On top of this there’s an automatic anti-creasing function which stops you from spending half your life standing in front of the ironing board. The filter is easy to get at, which makes cleaning it no problem whatsoever, and a selection of child safety features will stop inquisitive little hands turning the cycle off. Whilst a buzzer alerts you to the end of a cycle, further handy features see you given the option to delay the start of the cycle by three, six or nine hours. All just little things that add up to an overall strong package.

An all-round impressive performer, the Beko DCU7230’s large 7kg capacity drum and oversized porthole door allow you to clean large loads whilst eleven sensor and four timed programmes provide plenty of customisation options. With the sensor programmes detecting moisture levels to end drying cycles once complete, a selection of special programmes also features to better tackle items such as jeans and shirts. A super-quick Xpress programme offers an added speedy service.

A little bit noisy and with cycle times that can take a while, the Beko DCU7230 suffers the same niggling fate as a number of its competitors with sensor drying facilities proving slightly off and providing still damp clothes. Overall, however, the Beko DCU7230 is a great machine and very good value for money.