Beko CF7914



Beko CF7914


Key Features

  • 340 litre capacity
  • Frost Free freezer technology
  • Auto defrost option
  • Manufacturer: Beko
  • Review Price: £425.00

Beko CF7914

With compressor cooling and a 340 litre capacity, the Beko CF7914 is more than capable of coping with the demands that a large household can put on it. The fridge portion of the appliance, which has a 222 lire capacity, is at the top whereas the 118 litre capacity freezer is at the bottom. Although the depth of the Beko CF7914 is the same as a standard fridge the width is larger, giving you a greater storage capacity.

One of the most notable things about the Beko CF7914 is the layout, which has clearly been well thought out to maximise space. The fridge has a bottle rack, although if you use this it will limit the amount of space you have for items placed in the fridge door, and space for smaller drink items such as cans.

The fridge has an interior light and three adjustable half shelves. Splitting personal preference, the top shelf, which is a half shelf, can prove to be either an annoyance or a great way of increasing versatility depending on individual opinion. The salad crisper at the bottom of the fridge is more than large enough to store lots of fresh greens. There’s also a useful water dispenser, although filling it up can be awkward, as well as an egg tray in the door.

The 4-star freezer has three large storage tubs, one smaller storage tub and a twist and serve ice cube tray. Some of these drawers don’t seem particularly sturdy, admittedly, but they are perfectly workable.

The freezer in the Beko CF7914 is equipped with Frost Free technology, which prevents the build up of large blocks of ice and removes the need for defrosting once every few months. Even with Frost Free the freezer features an auto defrost option that stops you having to defrost it yourself but makes some very strange noises whilst doing so.

You can change the door hinges from one side to the other on the Beko CF7914, but it’s very fiddly to do so. There’s also no temperature gauge in the fridge or the freezer, which means there’s a bit of guesswork in selecting the perfect fridge temperature.