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Beko CF6004AP



Beko CF6004AP


Key Features

  • 293 litre capacity
  • A* energy efficiency rating
  • 91 litre Frost Free freezer
  • Manufacturer: Beko
  • Review Price: £360.00

Beko CF6004AP

The Beko CF6004AP is a tall, slim two-door fridge freezer with a net capacity of 293 litres. It’s sleek, modern looking, and a good size to hold a big weekly shop for a family. It’s also got an energy efficiency rating of A*, which should cut back on energy usage and help with the monthly electricity bill.

The fridge, which is at the top of the appliance and has a 202 litre capacity, has three glass shelves and a salad crisper cover that can hold lots of vegetables. The top shelf is only half depth, though — this could either make for versatile fridge use or waste valuable fridge space depending on what you store. There’s also a full width chrome wine rack that has space for five bottles — although this does intrude on the real-estate of the shelf below.

The freezer has a 91 litre capacity and is Frost Free. Frost Free prevents large build ups of ice and frost, so you’ll never have to spend an afternoon defrosting the Beko CF6004AP. It’s also got really big drawers that are spacious enough to fit in lots of frozen goods and large items such as wide frozen pizza boxes. With its four star rating, the highest rating available to such an appliance, the freezer on the Beko CF6004AP is able to freeze fresh food as well as keeping frozen foods frozen, with fresh produce able to be stored for up to a year.

On the Beko CF6004AP it’s possible to fit the doors so that they open from the left or the right, which makes it handy to fit into any kitchen. What doesn’t make it easy to fit, however, is the curved design of the doors with a whopping 64cm gap needed to let the Beko CF6004AP's doors open fully.

On top of this, it is worth pointing out that the Beko CF6004AP is quite noisy. Not just noisy, it sometimes makes some very strange noises as opposed to the standard fridge hum. But apart from these slight niggles it’s a very good machine.