Beko CDA563F



Beko CDA563F


Key Features

  • 238 litre capacity
  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Four star freezer rating
  • Manufacturer: Beko
  • Review Price: £288.00

Beko CDA563F

The Beko CDA563F is a tall, thin fridge with a net capacity of 238 litres, which is fairly average compared to other appliances on the market. It has an energy efficiency rating of A, which should hopefully cut back on energy usage and therefore make your electricity bills a bit smaller.

The fridge, which is at the top of the Beko CDA563F, has a 150 litre capacity. The three adjustable glass shelves inside are made from safety glass with the top shelf running just half the size of its siblings, a feature that, based on personal preference, is either a pain or makes for good fridge usage. Disappointingly, the door shelves are quite shallow, with not enough room to fit a two litre bottle of pop or four pint milk carton.

There is also one large salad crisper within the CDA563F's fridge section with a cover that matches the glass shelves. There is a concealed evaporator which has cold water technology inside, and the fridge has an automatic defrost setting. There’s also an interior light.

The freezer has an 88 litre capacity, which is fairly standard considering the size of the Beko CDA563F but probably a little on the small side. It has four separate compartments inside and has been awarded a four star freezer rating, the highest rating a freezer can have. With a four star freezer you can freeze fresh food as well as frozen, and the frozen food can be safely kept inside for a year.

The doors have reversible hinges so you can hang them from the left or the right. There is a water dispenser, but unlike many fridges with a water dispenser it is manually filled from the inside rather than being plumbed in. Whilst this saves hassle initially, it’s a bit of a pain having to fill them up. It also takes up space in the fridge and leaks water occasionally.