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Beats By Dre

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Beats By Dre

Celebrity endorsements and technology products have a chequered past, but one of the more successful partnerships has been Beats by Dre, a venture which started as a headphone collaboration between Monster and rapper, producer, actor and - more recently - entrepreneur Dr Dre.

As well as a successful range of headphones, the technology has found its way under the musician's watchful ear to laptops and mobiles. The brand has caught the imagination of the industry and the market and we expect the line to increase, and in the meantime, here's a small roundup of the Beats by Dre products we have reviewed here at TrustedReviews.


Round-up Items

Beats Solo

20 April 2011

Monster's mid-range headphones have it where it counts in their design and build quality, but the styling comes at a price. We simply found the bass heavy sound destroyed clarity in the mid to high-range, and as such didn't find them all that enjoyable to listen to. The detail is there but pushed right to the background. If you really do crave bass above all else, though, then they're worth a look.

Our rating:
Monster Beats Solo HD review 21

Monster Beats Solo HD

14 February 2012

A million Beats by Dr. Dre wearers can't be wrong, right?

Our rating:
Sensation XE 14

HTC Sensation XE

11 November 2011

The first phone to tie up with the Beats by Dre brand, the HTC Sensation XE is a powerful phone with subtle flashes of red. It's let down partly by the Beats bundled headphones, and people serious about their music might want to consider paying £100 less for the original Sensation and upgrading to a pair of Monster Beats Solos

Our rating:

HP Envy 14 Beats Edition (14-1195ea)

27 April 2011

More stylish than most, this attractive machine which has plenty of power even for a fairly intense workload, the HP Envy 14 14-1195ea Beats Edition doesn't excel enough in any area to justify its ridiculously high launch price, although you have to respect the gun metal trim for that "straight outta Compton" feel.

Our rating:

HTC Sensation XL

29 November 2011

The second Beats branded HTC smartphone, this beast packs an enormous 4.65in screen, a stylish white and silver design and a good 8-megapixel camera that also shoots 1080p video. It does only have a single-core processor but it's still surprisingly nippy. Nonetheless, thanks to a fairly high price, it's not one we'd recommend unless you're a big fan of Beats and particularly want a massive phone.

Our rating:

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